Additional Module System

The control panel MCS 2000 and their additional components are discontinued since January 2019. Spare parts are not available anymore. The information about MCS 2000 on this site is only supplied to support service that can be carried out when no replacement parts are needed.


• additional system for gas detection MCS 2000 - 8 for the following modules:
   - sensor output module for 8 inputs with 4-20 mA
   - analogue output module for 8 outputs with 4-20 mA
   - relays output module for 12 potential-free relays contacts, freely programmable
   - power supply module with 24 V/2 A
   - emergency power supply module with 24 V
   - phone dialing unit (GSM Module)

• wiring via bus line Y(ST)Y 2 x 2 x 0.8 mm² (max. 1200 m) to gas detection
  control panel MCS 2000 - 8
• different modules can be connected to the bus line successively
• plastic case or switch cabinets

Datasheet MCS 2000 module

Connection relay module

Connection sensor module

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