The control panel MCS 2000 and their additional components are discontinued since January 2019. Spare parts are not available anymore. The information about MCS 2000 on this site is only supplied to support service that can be carried out when no replacement parts are needed.


Excellent adaptation for the utilization in smaller boiler rooms to control natural gas, refrigerant fluid or freons.



gaswarnanlage 2d 4d controllpanel
gasmessfuehler blitzleuchte gasalarm


Example for Panel installation


• microprocessor controlled gas warning system to control air continuously for flammable gases and toxic gas
• 4 metering points
• 4 free adjustable alarm circuit per metering point
• 4 alert phases
• master and zone alarm output
• 5 potential free switching outputs, free programmable statically or locked
• measuring signal inputs 4-20 mA
• LED-display shows operation status, fault monitoring and alarm messages
• LCD-plain writing display for the information of concentration valves
• real time system clock
• self control, software Watchdog
• line-monitoring, cold start alarm check
• automatically calibration
• piezo-buzzer
• port for external 24V/DC supply
• plastic case or switch cabinets

Manual MCS 2000-4D

Connection MCS 2000-4D

Datasheed MCS 2000-4D

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