Gas warning unit with up to 128 sensors in a line stucture

and/or up to 128 BUS-sensors

mcs4000 1

Aviailable components:


- Controller unit:         Central display and processing of all data


- Remote display unit: For parallels display of all data end events with

                                   acknowledgement option


- AIM unit:                 Analog-input module for up to eight sensors,

                                 max. 16 modules


- ROM unit:               Relais-output module with ten relais,

                                 max. 16 modules


- DAM unit:               Digital-input / analog output module with eight cannels, max. 16 modules


- SA unit:                   Single-analog module for connection of sensors


VISIO unit:                 Visualisations-server


MOD-BUS unit:          Connection-module for data transmitting





pdfConnection MCS 4000.pdf    



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