Warning Tableau for Basement Parking

Warn Tableau Warn Tableau

• lightning plate made of Plexiglas, B/H/D 600/200/12 mm, with pictogram„Toxicity hazards/leave garage fast”
• completely new and modern design
• according to the new VDI directives 2053 and DIN 4844 of emergency sign lights regulations
• multilingual and international standardized,
• high recognition range and a very high factor of attention
• LED illuminants - yellow - flashing with an life-cycle of 50.000 h,
• low power consumption
• supply voltage 24 V DC by the gas detection control
• emergency power supply of the lightning plate is provided by the emergency power supply module MCS 2000 EPS
  (optional) in the base control panel or by external installation

pdfDownload Datasheet MCS Warning Tableau

External Warning Signage

External Warning Dignage External Warning Signage

• highly impact resistant plastic, voltage 12/24/230 V
Internal warning sign
  - suitable for indoor, housing made of white plastic, IP 44,
  - flashing inscription „GAS ALARM” or any other possible
External warning sign
  - suitable for outdoor
  - casing made of white plastic, IP 54, flashing inscription „GAS ALARM”

 pdfDownload Datasheet MCS Warning Signs

Flashlights and Sirens

Blitzleuchte rot Kombiblitz Kombiblitz ex

• Flashlight Red
   - suitable for indoor and outdoor
   - casing made of red plastic
   - with red cap
   - flash energy 5W/S
   - flash frequency 1,5 Hz, 100% ED
   - protection class: IP 65

Combined Flash
   - suitable for in and outdoor
   - casing made of red plastic
   - with red cap
   - flash energy 5 W/S
   - flash rate 1,5 Hz
   - 100 % ED
   - siren 101 decibel, adjustable
   - protection class: IP 54
   - separate control of flashlight / siren

• Combined Flash EX
   - explosion proof optical / acoustical transmitter
   - ATEX certificated in accordance to the 94/7/EG directives
   - various melodies and volume adjustable
   - powerful flashlight

   - made of highly impact resistant plastic
   - suitable for indoor and outdoor
   - protection class: IP 65
   - weight: approx. 1 kg
   - supply voltage: 24 V/DC or 230 V/AC
   - melody and volume adjustable

pdfDownload Datasheet MCS Flashlights and Sirens 

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